*Turismo en Pedro Muñoz; Cuna del Mayo Manchego

QUIXOTE BOX is conceived with one clear goal in mind: to unwrap itself and become culturally open to dialogue; able to respond to new social challenges and invigorating civic life.

Zunzunegui’s legacy has worked as the foundation stone of this cultural challenge. This unique collection formed by 845 pieces, ranging from an array of volumes to diverse items related to Don Quixote and Cervantes, coexists with  diverse artistic and cultural manifestations, such as music, theatre, contemporary art, dances… All this leads the way towards an effective democratisation of this cultural space, encouraging a deeper look at human diversity, enabling us to have a  better understanding of the events that will take place.

In QUIXOTE BOX, people from all ages and walks of life are welcomed. This is the ideal place to share your experiences, grow as a person and reduce inequality and lack of tolerance. Above all, we seek to foster imagination.

Visiting  QUIXOTE BOX will suppose a reencounter with Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s life and work, including his most famous novel, The Ingenious Nobleman Mister Quixote of La Mancha. We will be able to discover editions translated into almost any language. English, French, Italian, Flemish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Greek, Portuguese, Old Castilian, Catalan and Basque are but a few examples of the languages the volumes  of the collection are in.

WELCOME to this unique place where you can find singular, and certainly old, editionsof Don Quixote that have already made this museum become a place of Cervantine reference within Spain.