*Turismo en Pedro Muñoz; Cuna del Mayo Manchego

It is an emblematic building of Pedro Muñoz, both for its patrimonial value and for its sentimental value due to the last owner of the house, Mrs. Francisca Ramírez Cañas “Paca”. This place is a large noble house, with several rectangular buildings (all of them are built on a masonry base) distributed around an inner courtyard. The main body presents two heights and a curved hipped tiled roof.

The front door of the house is located in the center of the main façade. It has a disassembly of molded masonry in reddish sandstone, and great superimposed nobiliary shield. On the lintel there is a cross flanked by the inscription "Year 1761", which dates the last construction of the building. The main façade has two large windows on the ground floor, and four more on the upper part, all of them latticed with a convent style, distributed symmetrically on both sides of the door.

Recently, after an intervention in the area of Las Cuadras, it has been possible to document the origin of a previous house with columned patios, dated in the s. XVI-XVII, and an altar dedicated to the pottery of the Moorish period of the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.


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