*Turismo en Pedro Muñoz; Cuna del Mayo Manchego

A festival declared of National Touristic Interest that puts forward the Cultural, Ethnographic and Traditional values. A festivity in which folklore coexists with gastronomy and the commemoration of the tradition of the “ronda pedroteña” to women and to the beginning of the spring.


This important celebration dates back from the nights of “ronda”, when lads and ladies of our locality, which was the way of wooing them. As years passed by, the “Mayo Machego” gained momentum until it was declared festival of Regional Touristic Interest in 1992, given its status as keeper of old traditions

Pedro Muñoz is titled “Villa y Corte del Mayo Manchego”. Even though this festivity is celebrated all around Castile-La Mancha, it is in Pedro Muñoz where it has the most relevance and recognition.


Lamps are one of the symbolic elements of the Festivity of Mayo Manchego, with which dwellers are reminded of the lamps lads carried to light up the nights of “ronda”.

Nowadays, associations and groups of friends participate in a contest of lamps they elaborate themselves. There is a prize for the lamp that is best ornamented.

After the celebration of contest, in the night of the 30th April, the well-known night of “ronda” starts. During this night, people traverse the town, going from one Mayera’s house to another (“Mayera” is the term used to designate the appointed ladies of the festivities). They sing the “mayo” (a folkloric song) while they drank the customary drink of our town: the “zurra”.


Celebrated during the last days of April, they coincide with the celebration of the Mayo festivity. In these workshops, a gastronomic display is built. There, we can taste the most characteristic products of Pedro Muñoz.

Besides, a number of contests revolving around traditional cuisine (i.e. “Gachas” or “Pisto manchego”).

Contestants range from wineries and cooperatives to associations and innkeepers. Their goal is to promote wine and local gastronomy.


Being a “mayera” and representing your hometown is one of the greatest honours for the young ladies of Pedro Muñoz, given how they represent the valours and Manchegan beauty.

Days before the festivity of the Mayo Manchego, the “mayeras” are passed the baton from their previous year’s antecessors in the well-known “Imposición de Bandas”, which is hosted in the town’s bullring.

They will be the protagonists of each and every local festivity for one year. They are the guests of honour and performing the role of representing the youth, especially in religious festivities and town’s festivals, since the celebration of the “Festival Nacional del Folclore”.

The traditional attire consists of a one colour, vertically-stripped skirt in wool or thread. The blouse is a black, long-sleeved bodice, close-fitted to the waist and ornamented with black and white laces.

Over the shoulders, a shawl of Manchegan wool is worn. All this is worn alongside fishnet stockings, knickerbockers and petticoats ornamented with motifs designed with bobbins.


This festival brings closure to the ceremonies revolving around the Mayo Manchego festival, providing examples of the local and national ethnographic choirs and dances that participate each year. This event is organized and coordinated by the Folkloric Association “Ntra. Sra. Virgen de Los Angeles” as well as by the local council.

This takes place in the local’s bullring and it is a moment of exalted feelings for all the inhabitants of Pedro Muñoz, ending the ceremony with Pedro Muñoz’s anthem, interpreted by the Local Symphonic Band.


In 2013, Pedro Muñoz celebrates the 50th edition of the Mayo Manchego festivity. Apart from the typical activities carried out each year, there will be a number of events that will be carried out throughout the year.

On the occasion of such events, the council has created a special commission for the fiftieth anniversary, formed by dwellers that has been closely connected to the festivity. They are tasked with the elaboration of activities that make up the celebration of such special occasion, for which the town council has requested the status of National Tourist Interest.

The members of this commission are the author of the representative image of the 50th anniversary, Ricardo Díaz, computer technician and graphic designer; Antonio Manzaneque, who worked as a teacher for 11 years in Pedro Muñoz, and the rest of his life in nearby towns, he was also a member of the Committee of Celebrations during the decades of the 70s and 80s; Mª Sol Izquierdo, member of the present Committee of Celebrations; Javier Zarco, chairman of the Folkloric Group “Virgen de los Ángeles”; Mª Ángeles Cicuéndez, a person closely attached to the Mayo festivity; Juan Antonio Rejano, conductor of the Local Symphonic Band; and Inés Sánchez de la Morena, who represents local businessmen.


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